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The following projects are samples of KLW-Webwork's work.



Developed for AEROS Inc., a worldwide distributor of aviation parts, tools and on-site training for the aerospace industry. This site offers descriptions of services and a searchable parts database.
AEROS Inc. home page


Psychiatric Medications in the Recovery Process:
What a Case Manager Should Know

KLW-Webwork has recently developed a website that features online testing and reporting for the web-based training modules, Psychiatric Medications in the Recovery Process: What a Case Manager Should Know.

The instructional content is provided through the Office of Mental Health Research & Training with partial support through a contract with the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Division of Health Care Policy. The University of Kansas Media Services captured and prepared rich media presentations featuring streaming video and slides. This site is available to registered care providers.

psychiatric medications course home page


The Watkins Community Museum of History

KLW worked with the staff at the Watkins Community Museum of History in Lawrence, Kan. to redesign and update the museum’s website to make it more accessible to modern web browsers and optimized the site to facilitate search engine indexing. KLW-Webwork continues to work with the museum to update and maintain the website. Our company specializes in working with educational and nonprofit organizations on tight budgets who benefit from a web presence.

Watkins Museum


Northeastern Tribal Health System

The Northeastern Tribal Health System (NTHS) helps serve the health care needs of the native American population in northeastern Oklahoma. KLW-Webwork worked with the NTHS IT staff and administrators to build a website that provides a useful information for the clinic’s clients. Our company continues to update and maintain the site and provide the NTHS staff with visitor traffic data each month.

Northeastern Tribal Health Clinic


Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area

The web site for Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area features a dynamic events calendar that displays information about festivals, historical reinactments, and other events.
FFNHA home page


"Henry D. Remple: Finding Hope in Troubled Times"

"Henry D. Remple: Finding Hope in Troubled Times" is a website that accompanies a DVD by the same name. The DVD is produced by Take Ten, Inc. and funded by the Rice Foundation in Lawrence, Kansas. This website includes compete texts and photos of interviews used in the DVD; a curriculum unit; useful video, web, and print resources; and project partners.
Remple Book site home page

"Working with this team was a pleasure on many levels. Quick turnaround, attention to detail, superior design for the budget, and willingness to go beyond the requirements of our project are among them. I highly recommend their services."—Linda ’Sam‘ Haskins, Take Ten, Inc.

Take Ten, Inc.

Take Ten, Inc. is the website for Linda K. "Sam" Haskins, an independent producer with more than twenty-five years experience in documentary, public affairs, and educational programs. Her films and videos have received awards in numerous national and international competitions and festivals. In 1987 she founded her own production company, Take Ten, Inc. She has directed a diverse range of talent from children to celebrities.
Take Ten, Inc. home page



Mistake-Proofing.net offers training and consulting services for companies interested in applying techniques for reducing defects in the manufacturing process.
Mistake-Proofing.net home page


Language and Literacy Consulting, Inc.

Language and Literacy Consulting, Inc. provides customized language and literacy consulting to build expertise in administrators and teachers so they can help their schools enhance language and literacy programs to continually improve student achievement.
Language and Literacy Consulting.com


Warm Hearts of Douglas County

Warm Hearts of Douglas County, Kansas, assists low-income households in Douglas County struggling to pay their winter heating fuel bills.
Warm Hearts of Douglas County home page



"The Shifting Borders of Race and Identity: A Research and Teaching Project on the Native American and African American Experience," with support from the Ford Foundation, culminated in the publication of two e-books.

The First and the Forced: Essays on the Native American and African American Experience, edited by James N. Leiker, Kim Warren and Barbara Watkins, brings together a range of interpretations of native and black experiences in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean in order to pose arguments and raise questions about commonalities, tensions, and cultural or familial mixing of African Americans and Native Americans.
The First and the Forced cover.
Of Two Spirits: American Indian and African American Oral Histories is edited by Mike Tosee and Carmaletta M. Williams. A primary emphasis of the Shifting Borders of Race and Identity project was the collection of first-person narratives. These interviews document vast differences, as well as commonalities, between the African American mixed-race people and the indigenous people. Even though they shared blood in different quantities (blood quantum) they were, in many instances, of two spirits. Of Two Spirits ebook cover.